Canopy Infrastructure provides a range of secure and resilient managed cloud and private cloud platforms designed to meet the needs of enterprise customers. Leveraging the experience from successfully delivering the Olympics infrastructure, Canopy Infrastructure provides flexible solutions suitable for hosting production and business critical workloads without compromising security or compliance.



  • Comprehensive range of cloud infrastructure services designed to meet the needs of enterprise customers without compromising security or compliance demands. Offered with a broad catalogue of support services, including: hardware and operating system maintenance, server, storage, firewall, network and VLAN monitoring and maintenance.
  • High availability of resources and disaster recovery capabilities with clear commitments on SLAs, RTO and RPO times.
  • Proven experience in managing the transformation of business processes to the cloud, allowing organisations to benefit from more flexible and agile ways of working
  • Canopy takes advantage of Intel® Xeon® processors to deliver industry leading performance and security
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Canopy Cloud Infrastructure solutions are built on best of breed enterprise technologies





Managed Cloud

Highly scalable on-demand services that allow customers to only pay for the services that they use. With full transparency for residency of data, clear SLAs and defined RTO and RPO times, Canopy has designed its cloud services to meet the needs of its most demanding customers. Managed Cloud allows customers to shift to a more agile way of working and be able to quickly respond to changing demands without having to initiate time consuming procurement exercises or worry about handling peak-load requirements.

Canopy Cloud Infrastructure Services

Flexible computer processing, storage and backup services designed to run production workloads and deliver business critical applications. Fully managed to operating system level, including quality assured patching of OS and VM. Backed by enterprise SLA, RTO and PRO times. Delivers the underlying infrastructure for web, database and critical application hosting.

Canopy Trusted Agile Infrastructure

Highly agile compute and storage services which provide maximum flexibility from a preconfigured virtual datacenter environment. Suitable for both test and production services that require rapid provisioning, self-management and pay-per-use charging models.

Canopy Helix Nebula, powered by OpenNebula

Helix Nebula, the Science Cloud is a European Community federated cloud, designed to provide sustainable high performance computing services to the scientific community.

Private Cloud

Converged physical infrastructure based solutions delivering a highly predictable platform that allows customers to realise the benefits of cloud computing without any loss of control of security or service levels. Delivered as a customizable factory-integrated appliance with minimal onsite maintenance. Can be hosted in customer or Canopy datacenter with either in-house or Canopy management. All private cloud solutions can be purchased via a range capex and opex pricing models allowing customers to select the option that best meets their circumstances.   

Canopy Enterprise Private Cloud Powered by VCE

Provides the benefits of cloud computing without any loss of control over security or service levels. EPC is an optimised and flexible private cloud platform, delivered as a customized factory-integrated appliance. Can be hosted on premise with the customer or in a Canopy datacenter, with either in-house or Canopy management. 

Canopy Enterprise Workplace

Customizable factory-integrated application that goes beyond virtualized desktop hosting to provide a comprehensive end user computing experience from any device, anywhere, at any time. Can be hosted on premise with the customer or in a Canopy datacenter, with either in-house of Canopy management.

Canopy Realtime Business Platform powered by SAP HANA

Customizable factory integrated appliance that provides a virtualized infrastructure for on-demand provisioning of SAP applications. Can be hosted on premise with the customer or in a Canopy datacenter, with either in-house of Canopy management.